Board of Directors

BFCAC's Board of Directors serves as the catalyst for our mission to make the entire community more responsive to the needs and interests of the poor by mobilizing resources and bringing greater institutional sensitivity.

The agency is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of 15 members who reside in Benton and Franklin Counties.

One third are elected Public Officials and one third represents Low-Income and one third represents the Private Sector.

  •  2020 -2021  Board Members
  • Elected Public Officials:
    • Steve Becken, Council Member, City of Prosser
    • John Trumbo, Council Member, City of Kennewick
    • Michael Alvarez, Council Member, City of Richland
    • Joe Escalera, Council Member City of Connell
    • Zahra Roach, Council Member, City of Pasco
  • Representing Low Income:
    • Carol Carpenter
    • Sandra Vaca
    • Rebecca Crawford
    • Clifton Watson Jr
    • Ray Minor
  • Private Sector:
    • Judy Mahan
    • Greg Sullivan
    • Aimee Bergeson
    • Alecia Greenaway
  • 2020-2021 Board Officers
    • Chair: Steve Becken
    • Vice-Chair: Greg Sullivan
    • Secretary: Carol Carpenter
    • Treasurer: Judy Mahan